Unofficial SnapChat app, SwapChat now available in Windows Phone Store

swapchat screens

Earlier this week we told showed you a new SnapChat app for Windows Phone called SwapChat. We had an early look at the beta, and one response we heard a lot was “when can I download it?!” The wait is over, SwapChat is now available in the Windows Phone Store for everyone to download. Yes, even Windows Phone 7 users.

If you’re unfamiliar with SnapChat it is a service that allows users to send photos that are only view-able for up to 10 seconds. When you send a photo it alerts you when someone has opened the Snap or has taken a screenshot. It’s a really fun way to communicate with people without using standard text messages or phone calls.

SwapChat does 90% of what you can do with an official app. The two main things I’ve found that are missing are video snaps and a notification for when the recipient takes a screenshot. Everything else is possible with SwapChat. Since this is an unofficial app you should also be aware that it could break at any moment. As of right now it’s working great. Download SwapChat for $1.29 or free trial below, and check out our hands-on.

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  • Zach

    Does this app work in conjunction with the iOS and Android official app users, or is it just for WP users?

  • Yes, it works with anyone who has a SnapChat app.

  • brian

    When is it available in Europe (Netherlands)?

  • Jess

    Does it still notify iOS users that you took a screenshot?

  • Amanda

    I downloaded the swapchat and deactivated. Now I want to re-install and does not appear when I go to the store. Why?

  • SnapChat asked them to remove it. You can read more here:

  • aisling

    is there any other snapchat clients for windows phone? or do we have to suffer…..

  • Nick

    This isn’t available for my nokia lumia 520, not sure why not

  • jimmy

    I can’t download it on my Nokia Lumia 820. In the app store the say it is because I am from Belgium is that True?