Twitter for Windows Phone gets image filters and Vine playback

twitter filters vine

In February Twitter released a massive 2.0 update to their Windows Phone app. While it certainly became a much improved app, there were still a few things missing from Twitter apps on other platforms. Today they have released another update that adds some of those things.

The first new feature is image filters with Lens integration. Tap the Lens icon in the camera app and Twitter will be a new option. It will ask you to take a photo and then you can swipe through filters. You can also do this with existing photos, and through the Twitter app. Another new feature is the ability to play Vine videos within the app.

Other small features include the ability to save tweeted images to your phone, and refresh lists on-demand. The update is free and available now for Windows Phone 8 devices. Go forth and tweet!

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Good additions. Twitter meets Instagram meets vine kinda deal.

  • The addition of Vine playback is huge. There may not be an app for WP yet, but getting people into that ecosystem via viewing it is the first step forward (especially now that the service is blowing up on Android).