[Review] KiDiGi Desktop Dock Lite for HTC 8X


Finding accessories for your Windows Phone can be a difficult task. Accessory makers aren’t exactly clamoring to make stuff for the 3rd place mobile OS. Phones like the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X have helped that a little bit, but there is still a long way to go. When I was searching for a desktop dock for my 8X I was having a hard time finding anything, and then I stumbled upon the KiDiGi Desktop Dock Lite.

The cool thing about the Dock Lite is it’s not made only for the HTC 8X. It is flexible enough to work with a wide range of devices…and cases. Most desktop docks only work with one phone because of the way they are designed to fit the contours of the phone. This means you get a nice snug fit, but it also means other phones won’t fit, and even the phone it was designed for won’t fit if you put a case on it.


The way the Dock Lite solves this problem is by simply stripping away the custom fitting. In place of it is an adjustable resting place, and a rocking microUSB plug. The combination of those two things make the Dock Lite usable with any smartphone that has a microUSB port in the same orientation and located on the bottom of the device. Check out the video below to see how it works.

The Dock Lite is made with a combination of glossy and texturized plastic. It’s heavy for its size, which helps easily hold any phone upright. Rubber traction pads on the bottom keep it from sliding around your desk. The overall design of the Dock Lite is minimal and simple. It should fit right in with anything else on your desk.


The Dock Lite works great for what it is, but I did experience a few annoyances. Like I mentioned above, since the Dock Lite isn’t made for one single device it doesn’t have any custom fitting. That makes it a little difficult to just plop a phone in quickly since there is nothing guiding it into the appropriate position (you can see me struggle with this a little in the video). I also found it strange that a desktop dock would come with such a short charging cable.

If you’re interested in having a nice desktop dock for the HTC 8X, or any other Windows Phone device, the KiDiGi Desktop Dock Lite is one of the few options available. Luckily it’s a well made device with some neat tricks up its sleeve. After using the dock for a week we can easily recommend the KiDiGi Desktop Dock Lite for your charging needs.

If you’re interested in the Desktop Dock Lite there are four versions available that should fit any device you have. Make sure you read what devices are compatible with each model. KiDiGi docks are only available at Naked Cell Phone in the US. 

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Not bad for the price. I like that you can use it with any phone. Might consider getting one.

  • billy

    how much is it