Video shows off Nokia EOS PureView camera shutter in action

nokia eos camera shutter

We’ve been seeing a lot of the Nokia EOS this week, but only in leaked photos. So far we’ve seen the giant camera bump on the back that all but confirms the EOS will indeed have the 41MP PureView camera. If photos aren’t enough proof for you, today a video has been posted that shows the fully functional camera.

The video, posted by @vizileaks, shows a close up look at the camera on the back of the EOS. We can clearly see PureView, Carl Zeiss, and Nokia branding. There is also a “XX Mega Pixel” label which leads us to believe this is still a prototype. More importantly, the video shows the lens shutter opening and closing. That’s something you normally don’t see on a smartphone. The EOS has the closest thing to a real digital camera you can get on a smartphone.

Are all these leaks killing your excitement for the EOS, or are you still excited about it? Check out the video below to see the crazy sight of a shutter on a smartphone camera.

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Ok…. that’s actually pretty cool. lol