Acer planning a comeback to Windows Phone, aims to offer ‘unique experience’


It’s been a long time since we wrote ‘Acer’ and ‘Windows Phone’ in the same sentence. The last time Acer was involved with Microsoft’s phone OS was way back in 2011 with the Mango update for the Allegro. Since then Acer has been absent from the Windows Phone conversation. Thanks to Dutch site we can see in the slide above that Acer is planning a comeback.

The slide above is from an Acer event. In it we can see their plans to continue to support Android, and now Windows Phone as well. Acer says they will “target to provide unique experience across Win8 and WP8.” Acer has been one of the best manufacturers for Windows 8 devices, so it only makes sense they would want to harness the power of both. According to the slide Acer is targeting the first half of 2014 for their launch.

Would you be interested in an Acer phone if it offered some unique integration with an Acer computer? AreNokia, HTC, and Samsung enough for Windows Phone, or do we need more OEMs like Acer? Let us know below!

[via Neowin]

  • bikdav

    Make the ACER available at Boost Mobile and then I’ll look.