Siri ditches Google for Bing in iOS 7 redesign

siri bing

Here’s something we didn’t expect to hear at Apple’s WWDC event: Bing. Apple showed off a completely brand new redesign for iOS 7 today, and Siri was not exempt from changes. But Siri’s design was not the most interesting thing about Siri. Apple announced that Siri now uses Bing as its search engine.

If Microsoft and Apple have one thing in common it’s a shared distaste for Google. Both have tried to remove Google from their devices as much as possible. The real winner here is Microsoft Bing. Now every time someone uses Siri to search for something, and she can’t find an answer (which happens a lot), the user will be shown Bing results. This will no doubt hurt Google Search numbers, and give Bing a shot in the arm.

Thanks Edgar!

  • Billscarnage

    This has actually been talked about for a few years with Apple being irked at Google since the Jobs days. This is a huge win for Bing and expect a sharp increase on engine ratings for Bing almost over night or as soon as ios users upgrade.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It’s weird because during a demo the guy also said like “oh well we have IE right there, so let’s just open Chrome.” lol. I don’t know who’s side they are on.