Microsoft shows off new SmartGlass functionality for Xbox One, includes Twitch streaming

smartglass one

Microsoft’s E3 press event hasn’t garnered much news that concerns us here at WinSource (see our friends at XboxOneDaily for that). One thing that does pertain to us is some new functionality with the SmartGlass app.

With the new SmartGlass integration in Xbox One gamers can get tips during gameplay on Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPad, and iPhone. SmartGlass can also be used to set up multiplayer games. One really cool feature that should excite gamers is new integration with Twitch. You can record and broadcast gameplay right from the Xbox One buy having Twitch in snap view. Last but not least is sharing screenshots and replay videos with friends over the internet.

These new features display a new level of real world interaction that other consoles don’t have. But would SmartGlass integration ever convince you to buy an Xbox One?

Photo via The Verge

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