Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone ad is hot and flashy

Yesterday during Apple’s WWDC event Microsoft decided it would be a good time to share a new Windows Phone ad. This new ad showcases the “coolness” of the Lumia 920, and Windows Phone in general. After so many people accused Apple of “getting inspired” by Windows Phone in iOS 7, so this video has come out at the perfect time.

In the video the narrator says that the smartphone of the year was not the iPhone or an Android phone, according to Endgadget users. They also show quotes from many new publications that say the Lumia 920 is hip, unique, personal, and daring. That sounds a lot better than what people were saying about iOS 7. Nice ad, Microsoft.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I love Windows Phone and its devices, it just needs all those apps!

  • Ahmad Siddiqi

    Me too. They are beautiful phones. I think the apps are coming along. I have almost all the apps that I need. Its just a matter of time.