SwapChat update adds the ability to draw on Snaps, turn off flash

swapchat draw

SwapChat, the unofficial SnapChat app for Windows Phone, hasn’t been out long, but the dev is hard at work to make it better. It’s already a pretty solid app, but there are a few things missing before it can become a full featured SnapChat app. Today SwapChat version 1.2 has been released, and with it comes a few new features and fixes.

The biggest new feature is the ability to draw on snaps, like you can see in the screenshot above. This can be accessed with the new icon in the top right, and the color picker. Another new feature is the ability to turn off flash. Previously the app would just pick and choose when to use flash, which was really annoying when you didn’t want it.¬†The dev also made some changes to the front facing camera, but on our HTC 8X the app completely crashes when switching to front camera. Other additions to version 1.2 include various tweaks and big fixes.

There are still a few more things we’d like to see from SwapChat. Support for higher resolution displays, a new message ticker on the live tile, and videos would be nice. SwapChat is still easily the best option available for a SnapChat app. It’s¬†available for Windows Phone 8 and 7 users for $1.29 or free trial.

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