Viner allows Windows Phone users to view their Vine timeline


Vine for Windows Phone is not available in an official app, but there are ways to view Vines. Last week the official Twitter app was updated to allow playing of Vines right in the app. Another, more direct, approach is a new 3rd party app called Viner.

Viner is simply a Vine viewer. You can log in to your Vine account and see all the Vines from the people you follow in one place. You can even register for an account. Viner allows users to like and comment on Vines, access settings, and see the popular and “editor’s picks.” The one caveat is you can’t create Vines with Viner. That is still not possible on Windows Phone.

Viner is available now in the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 or free trial. It is only compatible with Windows Phone 8 devices.

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