Uploading to Vine for Windows Phone coming soon thanks to 6sec

6sec vine

Lately Windows Phone devs have been taking the problem of missing big name apps into their own hands. The latest app with a target on its back is Vine. Earlier today we told you about Viner, a Vine viewer already available in the Store. Now we’re looking at an app that aims to do more than that.

6sec is a Vine app created by Rudy Huyn, it’s currently in private beta. Like Viner, 6sec allows users to view their Vine timeline, like and comment on videos, see what’s popular, and browse categories. It does all of this beautifully, and exactly how we would hope an official app would perform. Thie big difference between Viner and 6sec is the inclusion of an upload screen.

In 6sec there is a “take video” button that takes you to the video capture screen. It operates correctly, recording video as you hold down your finger. Progress is shown with a green bar above the video. Everything works until you try to upload it. That feature will be available in the next update to the beta. Once that is implemented it will be a full featured Vine app. We’ll let you know when that happens, and when 6sec is available for everyone to download.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Not a huge fan of Vine either, but it’s nice to have the option. WP devices have some nice cameras. Should be fun.

  • wadedorrell

    Looking forward to a Vine app that can upload here too. I’ve been wanting to play around with it.

    Is there another app that does NOT upload to Vine but does allow for stop-start shooting to create a single video that can be uploaded to another service? (If there was such a thing I’d probably prefer that…)