Nokia talks about even closer relationship with Microsoft, will have something to show soon

Nokia HQ

There’s nothing new about the fact that Nokia and Microsoft have a very close relationship. Ever since the two companies combined forces they have been working closely with Windows Phone. Recent comments at a Lumia 925 event in the UK, and future plans for Symbian, have us wondering just how close the two companies can become.

At the Lumia 925 in the UK Nokia talked about “working even closer” with Microsoft. They even teased about the new closer relationship bearing some fruit in the “next few weeks.” Nokia is already the leading Windows Phone manufacturer, by a large margin we might add, so we tend to believe this might extend further than just phones. Perhaps we will finally see the long-rumored Nokia Windows 8 tablet. It would match up with the public preview of Windows 8.1.

The other bit of news regards Symbian, Nokia’s other OS. Nokia has continued to pump out Symbian devices alongside Windows Phone, but The Financial Times is reporting that they will finally end Symbian device shipments this summer. If true, this could demonstrate a new-found commitment to the Windows ecosystem. Symbian has been very good to Nokia in under-developed countries as affordable feature phones. Dropping Symbian all together means that Nokia will be able to commit all of their efforts to Windows Phone.

[via Engadget]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It’s exciting to see that Nokia could make a Windows 8 device, but at the same time it seems a bit scary. Computers are a whole other deal, and Nokia has no experience building PCs. Let’s hope they do a good job.

  • Logan Nowak

    I think if they stuck with the ARM side of things, they would do great.