Microsoft and Best Buy teaming up to put ‘Windows Stores’ inside 600 retail locations


Microsoft has been working hard to put up more retail stores across the country. Still, like Apple Stores, there aren’t many to be found. Personally, I have never even seen one in person. Having a retail presence can be very helpful in getting your message across to consumers. In an attempt to do this in more places Microsoft has teamed up with Best Buy.

The partnership will see 600 Best Buy retail stores in the US and Canada launch a “store-within-a-store.” These special “Windows Stores” will showcase Windows tablets, phones, Office, and Xbox. Microsoft will train 1,200 Best Buy employees to work in these new mini stores. Best Buy stores have always offered a good selection of Windows products, but now it should be even better.

[via Microsoft]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    We already have a Samsung mini stores, Chromebook mini stores and now Windows stores at Best Buy? Man, this will soon get annoying. How many stores can we fit in one store?