Tip: Unpin all tiles to make the full app list your home screen [Video]

The Windows Phone Start screen is actually two screens: the live tile page, and the full app list page. The live tile page acts as the “home screen,” meaning that’s what you see every time you tap the Windows button. Did you know you can actually remove the live tile page?

Redditor kelloxz discovered that if you unpin all your apps the app list becomes the new Start screen. Every time you press the Windows button you will be brought to the app list. For some people this could be more useful. It could really become useful with the new app list sorting methods in Windows Phone 8.1. Maybe in the future Microsoft will let users decide what screen is the home screen.

Are you going to use the app list as your Start screen?

  • Luis Balsinhas


  • Alfy

    Or! Or! Or!…ready to get your mind BLOWN away? You can leave your homescreen where it is, don’t unpin anything! Swipe your screen to the full app list…lock it! and unlock again! WHOA! it’s the full app list! What the? how the? whoa.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    WOW! How did we not discover this before? lol

  • Right!