Microsoft unveils Office for iPhone, what does it mean for Windows Phone?

office for iPhone

Microsoft has officially launched the long rumored Office for iPhone today. Subsequently, Windows Phone’s run of exclusive access to Office for Mobile has ended. Office for Mobile gives users access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SkyDrive documents. Users can view, edit, and comment on existing documents, or even create new ones.

What does this mean for Windows Phone? First and foremost, it means Windows Phone users no longer can claim exclusive access to Office. However, we can claim exclusive free access to Office. iPhone users are required to have an Office 365 subscription in order to use the mobile app. Microsoft, as a company, is more than just Windows Phone. It’s great for them to have Office on the iPhone.

As long as Windows Phone users get free access to Office for Mobile we will still have something to hold over other platforms. If you’re an Office user Windows Phone will always be the better choice.

[via Lifehacker]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Office is awesome, but I don’t think it’s enough of an incentive. I mean all mobile OS’s have good office-like alternatives. I personally haven’t used or needed office in years.

  • CX1

    It means nothing but money for MS as you have to have 365 to use it.