Your old Microsoft Points will be traded for ‘equal or greater value’ as real cash


Earlier in the week Microsoft finally confirmed that their much maligned Microsoft Points system will be killed off in favor of real cash. After the celebration subsided, and the confetti was all swept up, we started to wonder what would happen to our old Microsoft Points. The Xbox Support website details the transition.

“When you use your existing Microsoft Points to initiate a purchase or redeem a Points card with your Microsoft account later this year, we’ll deposit into your account an amount of money equal to or greater than the marketplace value of your Microsoft Points, and your Microsoft Points will be retired.”

That is excellent news. We were worried that Microsoft might pull a Microsoft and say all previous Points become worthless after a certain point, but thankfully they are being reasonable. Personally, I try not to buy more Points than I need, but we all know how that works out sometimes. Do you have a lot of Microsoft Points left over?

[via Geekwire]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    There ya go. That’s nice.

  • The question is now whether it’ll be cheaper to buy things with points right now or wait until the process for real cash begins (i.e. changer gamertag name).