Bing voice recognition now 2x as fast and 15% more accurate on Windows Phone

voice commands

Back in March a video from Microsoft Research showed off the future of Bing Voice searchon Windows Phone. In the video we could see much improved speed and accuracy in the voice recognition. Today Microsoft has announced that those improvements are finally available for Windows Phone users.

Users aren’t required to do anything to get the updated features. Microsoft Research has improved the processing back-end to Bing search. The result is twice as fast and 15-percent more accurate voice recognition without any updates on the software side. In our initial tests we’ve found the results to be much, much faster. You will really see the changes in voice searches and composing text messages.

Are you impressed with the new improvements?

[via Windows]

  • Luis Matoso

    Yes, no doubt. I’m from Portugal and beyond the accent that I have, I find the search’s much more fast and accurate

  • Antistatic

    Nope, for me voice recognition is totally needless…. It never finds what i’m searching, no matter what, and there should be an option for disabling it totally.
    I wish they could use their resources to make the os better so we didn’t had to soft reset our phones twice a week….