Google CardDAV and CalDAV support for Windows Phone 8 GDR2 demoed [Video]


All the way back in December Google dropped a bombshell on Windows Phone users when they announced they were ending support for Exchange ActiveSync. Originally Google planned to end support after January, but for Windows Phone users they made an exception and extended the deadline. In the meantime Microsoft, who claimed to be surprised by Google’s decision, has been working on supporting Google’s new standards.

The new standards Google is using going forward is CalDAV (Calendar) and CardDAV (Contacts). Microsoft has been working to bring support for these to the next Windows Phone update. Microsoft announced last month that the next update, known internally as GDR2, would finally support Google’s standards. All About Windows Phone has posted a video to show CalDAV and CardDAV support in GDR2 running on the Lumia 925.

Nothing really special to show off since it’s just a setting, but it is there. That should make the Google users (myself included) breathe a little easier.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Definitely a big one for me. I am glad we are on the safe.