Nokia EOS PureView lens caps show up in black and white

eos lens caps

At this rate Nokia is going to have to try really hard to surprise us with anything about the Nokia EOS. Countless leaks have come out in the last few weeks, and over the weekend even more were released. This time we’re getting an up close and personal look at the aluminum lens caps for the behemoth camera.

In the photo we can see two aluminum lens covers, in black and white, that match up with the previous leaked images. There are a couple oddities to point out about this photo. 1) in previous leaks the lens said “Carl Zeiss,” but in this leak it just says “ZEISS.” 2) these lens caps are metal when the previous images appeared to be poly-carbonate.

eos lens compare

There’s a simple explanation for these differences. We have no idea what time in the development process these photos were taken. The photo with the poly-carbonate lens cap could be older, and since then Nokia has decided to go with metal. The metal caps say “41 MP” instead of XX MP” which leads us to believe they are closer to final design. Metal or plastic, that is going to be a great phone.

[CNBeta via Windows Mobile PU]

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