Upload videos to Vine for Windows Phone with 6sec [Video]

First it was Instagram, next was SnapChat, and now Vine has the attention of Windows Phone devs. There are a couple of choices for viewing your Vine dashboard, but when it comes to actually creating and uploading Vines there is only one option: 6sec. Right now 6sec is in private beta, but we were able to try out the app for ourselves.

The most important feature of 6sec is the video uploading. It works essentially exactly like the official Vine apps. The upload screen is composed of a square video view finder, a button for focusing, a button for flash, a button for switching cameras, and the all important upload button. Holding your finger down records video. Across the top is a bar to show how much time is left in the 6 second limit. Once you’re done just click “upload” and you’re on your way.

The biggest compliment we can give 6sec is that we couldn’t find anything it couldn’t do that the official Vine apps can do. Everything from viewing Editor’s Picks, trending tags, using front facing camera, posting to Twitter, and adding friends is possible. Unlike most 3rd party apps for unsupported services, 6sec truly does everything you would ever want. There are no compromises.

  • Edouard

    when will it be uploaded???