Windows Phone 8 GDR2 could come as early as July, according to Telstra

gdr2 updates

The next big update for Windows Phone is known internally as GDR2. We know a lot about GDR2, but one thing we don’t know is an official release date. There are some much-needed new features included in the update, which makes us very anxious to get it. Microsoft has said the update will be coming this summer, but Telstra could have some better info.

Telstra has posted an update chart for many of the phones they offer. The Lumia 920, 520, HTC 8X, and 8S are all included. On the list Telstra says the Lumia 520, 8X, and 8S will be receiving on July 7th. They list the Lumia 920 as receiving the update on August 7th (typo?). GDR2 will bring features like FM Radio support, CalDAV and CardDAV support, and Microsoft hopes GDR2 will see DataSense on more carriers.

If Telstra is correct the update is a lot closer than we thought. What feature of GDR2 are you most excited about?

EDIT: My American brain forgot that in other countries the day is listed first, and the month second. The Lumia 520, 8X, and 8S are listed for July 15th, while the Lumia 920 is July 8th.


Thanks Nik!

  • Corrector

    I think it says July 8th for Lumnia 920 and July 15th for the rest…

  • Logan Nowak

    Yep, the rest of the world uses a different format for dates.

  • You are correct. My silly American brain didn’t even think of that.