Microsoft adds short animation creation to BLINK photo app


Short, shareable video clips seem to be all the rage these days. 6sec allows Windows Phone users to create 6 second Vines, but now Microsoft Research is getting in on the fun. BLINK, the burst camera app, has been updated to version 2.0. The biggest new feature in the update is the ability to create short animations.

To create an animation just use the app like you normally would. After BLINK takes all the photos it will show you the same selection screen, but now there is a new option. Red brackets can be moved to select what frames to be included in the animation. Move the yellow square to select your favorite photo. One you’re done use the “Share Range” or “Share Still” button to share whatever you have created.


Unfortunately it’s not yet possible to view the animations after you share them. The site that Microsoft is using to display the animations,, displays a page that says “we are in private beta.”. Hopefully Microsoft flips the switch soon, or this cool new feature is a little pointless. UPDATE: The site is now live. Here is a BLINK we created.

Other new features in version 2.0 of BLINK include built-in camera settings, a web gallery, and the ability to go back and edit old projects. BLINK is one of the most useful Lens apps in the Store, and now it’s even better. You can download BLINK below for free on Windows Phone 8 devices.

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