Huawei expresses interest in buying Nokia, what?


In one of the stranger news stories we’ve seen Huawei is reportedly interested in buying Nokia. The handset maker with a name most American’s can’t pronounce has expressed interest in the Finnish smartphone manufacturer. These words come from Huawei chairman Richard Yu, who spoke with The Financial Times.

Yu says that Huawei would be open to buying Nokia if they showed willingness to merge. The only catch is Nokia would have to end its exclusive use of Windows Phone and be open to Android. If Nokia would be willing to do that, Yu says Huawei would be interested in merging. Otherwise Yu thinks Windows Phone is a risky bet because of its slow market growth.

That is a lot to digest. A lot of people might think “shouldn’t Nokia be thinking about purchasing Huawei?” Here in the United States Huawei doesn’t have much of a presence, but in the rest of the world they are big. Earlier this year they surpassed Blackberry and Nokia to become the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Nokia doesn’t have an enormous presence in the US either, but it would certainly help Huawei.

You have to consider Nokia’s relationship with Microsoft before thinking about anything they would do as a company. If Huawei did indeed buy Nokia that would mean Microsoft would essentially own a chunk of them. Huawei may be bigger than Nokia, but are they big enough to do business with Microsoft? And how would the merger help Nokia? They already do decent in the rest of the world, but the US is lacking. Huawei has nothing to offer to help with that.

What do you think about this story? Should Huawei buy Nokia? What would you think if this happened?

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