Microsoft offering Surface RT to schools and students for $199


Education is a big focus when it comes to tablets. Often times a tablet is significantly cheaper than a full computer, and therefore can be used in more schools. Microsoft is one company that always has a large presence in schools (especially Windows XP). They know the importance of education, and in that spirit they will be offering Surface RT for just $199.

Before you get too excited we should mention that this is only available for the schools to purchase. Students will not be able to get the discount directly. Schools will be able to purchase Surface RT 32GB models for just $199 starting on June 24th. The offer will be open to all schools and universities for a limited time. For another $50 they can add in a Touch Cover, or for $90 a Type Cover.

Surface RT can’t do as much as Windows 8, but it does have a lot of the Office applications that schools use. This is a very nice offer for schools to take advantage of, but we wish they would open it up to students themselves. Hopefully your school gets a shipment of Surface tablets.

[via Neowin]


  • izzyt

    well this would have been convenient in my high school days.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I think the source post was taken down. The skydrive brochure is no longer there either.

  • blahblahblah

    Just educational institutions, students can’t buy directly (just tried)