Disney’s ‘Where’s My Mickey?’ available for Windows Phone

where's mickey 2

Disney  is one of the biggest supporters for Windows Phone gaming. They have already released big name games like Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry? Next up is a brand new game starring Disney’s most iconic character: Where’s My Mickey? Earlier today we mentioned it would be coming to Windows 8 this week, and a Windows Phone version is coming too.

Where’s My Mickey? follows the same type of gameplay as the previous Disney Water games. The scenarios in this version include needing water to make lemonade, for growing flowers, and to put out fire. In order to complete these tasks there are new weather mechanics for wind, clouds, and plants. A new liquid, called “fizz,” adds another layer to the challenges. The game consists of five episodes containing 20 stages each, and two extra levels starring Goofy.

The cool thing about this release is it will happen at the same time as Android and iOS. That’s something we rarely see. The game will drop sometime tomorrow in the Windows Phone Store. We’ll let you know as soon as it does.

UPDATE: Available now for $.99 on Windows Phone 8.

[via Polygon]

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