Microsoft reportedly changing how Windows Phone updates work with GDR2


Windows Phone updates have been a mixed bag in the past. Microsoft likes to brag about how their update system works, but in reality there are still some phones that don’t even have GDR1 “Portico.” Don’t even get started  on Windows Phone 7.8. A new rumor from WPDang claims that Microsoft is changing how they do updates with GDR2.

For those of you that don’t know, here is a crash course on Windows Phone updates. Microsoft had control over the entire process from start to finish. They create the OS update, compile firmware from the manufacturer, customize it for each device and carrier, and then finally send it out. Microsoft wants to hand over some of that control to the manufacturers. WPDang claims that the process will now be managed more by manufacturers. Microsoft will create the OS update like before, but then they will send it to the likes of HTC, Nokia, and Samsung. The it will be up to them to add their stuff and send it to devices.

This rumor has us a little concerned. The current process puts a lot of pressure on Microsoft, but that might be for the best. Nokia will probably be able to get updates out quicker, but is HTC or Samsung going to make a Windows Phone update a priority? We have our doubts. Hopefully if this rumor is true it works out for the best.

[via WPDaily]

  • rm

    MS has been developing new versions of WP8 with manufactures help and testing, then when it is RTMed it goes to the carriers for final testing on their networks, if there are any issues, they are corrected/retested, then made available on that carriers phones.
    Microsoft may compile firmware for Nokia for example, but Nokia is developing the firmware.