Are you buying an Xbox One now after Microsoft’s policy changes? [Poll]


Yesterday Microsoft shook the gaming world when they announced a complete policy reversal on almost all of the Xbox One’s DRM and internet policies. 24-hour internet check-in? Gone.¬†You only need to be online during the initial set-up. Discs work the same as they do on the Xbox 360. Downloadable games work offline. Game trading or lending restrictions? Gone. Region locks? Gone.

The Xbox One will now essentially operate just like the Xbox 360. All of the above seems to be good news, but we have also lost some cool features. The 10 member Xbox Live family plan is gone, and you will actually have to use discs in the tray. Microsoft’s plan for a cloud-based gaming experience has been crushed because of DRM and confusion from consumers. We will probably have to wait for the next generation to see Microsoft’s cool new ideas.

So, now that Microsoft has done a 180, what will you be doing? Are you pre-ordering an Xbox One now that these changes have been made? Did you already buy one? Or has the damage already been done? Let us know below in the comments and vote in the poll!

  • Derek

    What I dislike about this is the fact that a lot of the innovative features Microsoft was bringing to the Xbox One won’t be available, at least at launch. I was going to get one anyway…

  • Necrobain

    I agree, I think Microsoft went too far in this reaction. The only thing that I thought was truly objectionable was the 24 Hour check-in. Extend that to say Once a week or every two weeks and we are good. (Allows for service interruptions, vacations, etc.) I was looking forward to the diskless play, and family plan myself. So I hope they, ‘reconsider” again.

  • The cloud-based gaming isn’t necessarily killed, it can still work for most games like it would have. I imagine those games had a back-up plan in place in case the user’s network was down, so it could revert to solo play. Assuming that’s still in, Xbox made a seriously good move, at at least makes them contend with the PS4 on a fair battlefield.

  • You can still play without discs, you just need to buy the download version – and forego the ability to resell. I didn’t realize the family plan was nixed, which is sad, but it didn’t apply to me, unless my friends and I started a family just to share games – like the PS3 in it’s early days.

  • Necrobain

    Well that is good news at least. I think the family plan was important since so many of these things are sold as entertainment hubs in the “typical” 2 adult 2 children home, but maybe there will be something else offered.

  • wrxlvr

    Same here. Bummed to be losing the family share thing, and bummed that the disc will have to be in the system.

  • Mitchel White

    I’m kinda upset about this… i loved the original plans… everyone seriously needs to just grow up… but Microsoft should have had a plan for our troops who cant get on the internet.