Epic Nokia commercial makes fun of iPhone flash zombies

Nokia loves to show off their camera supremacy, especially against the top phones of the day. In their latest ad Nokia has some fun with iPhone users and the way they take photos at night. In order to take good photos at night the iPhone needs to use flash. In the ad this results in white faced, red eyed, and stunned zombies, which is what people look like in photos taken with flash.

The Lumia 925 is the star of this ad. Nokia claims “the best pictures in any light. Even without the flash.” We are really loving this ad. It has an epic feel to it that will surely catch people’s attention and have them wondering “what is this commercial for?” The only problem we have with it is it doesn’t really show the device much, and the actual name of the phone is only shown in small text. What do you think about the ad?


  • Edgar Cervantes

    Haha. I actually liked the ad a lot. I wish Microsoft would have done something more like this, instead of their scroogled campaign.