Does the Lumia 925’s Windows button act as a notification light? [GIF]

not light

We were just watching Nokia’s new zombie commercial for the Lumia 925 and something caught our eye. When the man pulls out his Lumia 925 in the beginning of the ad it appears to have a blinking Windows button. Is the Windows key being used as a notification light in Windows Phone 8 GDR2?

A notification light can be very useful for seeing if you have anything that needs your attention without waking up the phone. In the commercial the Lumia 925 is in standby mode, which is given away by the new standby clock, and the button is flashing. That’s a lot of information being displayed without even waking the phone up.

Some older Windows Phone 7 devices had notification lights, but it was really only used to signify low battery or missed calls. We would love to see the return of the notification light in GDR2. If Microsoft is indeed using the Windows button that would mean every device is capable of having the notification light. This could also just be a feature for Nokia phones. Do you want a notification light?

  • izzyt


  • Rico

    I think HTC put notifications led to HTC Titan back in the time
    it could be a really cool feat.. On Nokia phone

  • amiro

    Yeah, they had notification lights like that on lots of Symbians and also on the N9 &N900. It would only make sense to include it. Actually, it was a feature I was really looking forward to so I’m glad they did.

  • that will be awesome!

  • Mikerd

    All three buttons light up in low light so that you can see them, if you move the phone in and out of direct light or partially cover the light sensor with your hand or anything then the buttons appear to flash. Unfortunately no notification.

  • That only happens when the screen is on. Plus all three lights did not light up in the video.