Windows Phone Wallpaper: Google Now Artwork

google now wallpaper

Welcome back to another edition of Windows Phone Wallpaper! This time we are taking a look at some of the cool artwork from Google Now. We know a lot of you aren’t the biggest fans of Google (and sometimes neither are we), but their art in Google Now is really gorgeous. It has a unique minimal/retro/cartoon look to it that we really love.

One cool thing about Google Now is that the artwork changes depending on where you live. If you live in New York your art will be different from someone who lives in Seattle. There are over ten different regional pieces of art. Below we have gathered some of the top designs and put them in the correct size for Windows Phone lockscreens. If you find one you like just click it to see the full size. Enjoy!

now-SF now-seattle now-new york
now-mountain now-london now-forrest
now-field now-chicago now-beach


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