Nextgen Reader updated with Feedly account support

nextgen feedly

Exactly one week from today Google will officially shut down Reader. All existing apps that rely on Google Reader for RSS feeds will subsequently also stop working. Unless they make plans to use something else, like Nextgen Reader has done. We’ve been following Nextgen’s process of implementing Feedly support, and over the weekend the update finally went live.

Feedly, a client that formerly relied on Google Reader, has built a cloud solution that allows apps like Nextgen Reader to use it like apps previously used Reader. With the new update to Nextgen you can sign in to Feedly and all your Reader feeds will be switched over. Feedly offers a syncing solution similar to Google Reader. When you star something in Nextgen it will also be starred on the web version of Feedly.

If you’re still looking for a Reader replacement Feedly has become the obvious choice. Just sign in with your Google account before July 1st and you will be all set up. The Nextgen Reader update is available now for Windows Phone 8. Grab it below and stop worrying about the post-reader world.

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