Official Tapatalk app now available for Windows Phone

tapatalk screens

Back in April we told you about Tapatalk’s acquisition of the Windows Phone forum app Foroplex. They bought the app in order to use it as the base for an official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone. It’s been a couple of months since then, and now the app is available in the Windows Phone Store.

Tapatalk aggregates more than 35,000 forums across the internet. It’s extremely useful for checking your favorite forums that might not have their own app. One of those sites happens to be WinSource. With the Tapatalk app you can participate in our Forums on the go right from your phone. It’s much easier than trying to use the browser.

The interesting thing about Tapatalk’s release for Windows Phone is they are doing an “early access” program. Right now the app costs $2.99 for people who are really anxious to try the app. Since it costs $3 the user base won’t be so large, and the developers won’t be so rushed to iron out bugs. After a month the app will be available free. If you’re interested in early access and bug reporting you can get it below.

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