Nokia EOS will be released as the Nokia Lumia 1020

nokia eos camera shutter

As much as we know about the Nokia EOS there is one thing that has escaped us: the name. “EOS” has always just been an internal code-name, like how the Lumia 925 was called “Catwalk” for a while. The EOS code-name likely comes from the Canon EOS, a DSLR camera that stands for “Electro-Optical System.” A cool code-name, but not very marketable.

We’ve always know Nokia would give the EOS a standard Lumia name, but we didn’t know the number it would get. @evleaks has just tweeted that the EOS will be called the Lumia 1020 when it is announced. Since the EOS is a Lumia 920 with a massive camera the name 1020 seems appropriate. Four digits seems a bit excessive, but we’ll get used to it.

Do you like Nokia’s naming scheme? Do you prefer more unique names such as “EOS,” or are numbers okay? Next month the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be announced and we can finally put “EOS” to rest.

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