Steve Ballmer attending Microsoft Store opening in Michigan on Friday


If you live near Detroit there is a special treat for you this weekend. Not only is a brand new Microsoft Store being opened in Troy, MI, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be on hand for the occasion. Ballmer will lead the ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, June 28th, at the Somerset Collection shopping center.

Ballmer doesn’t usually attend Microsoft Store openings, but there is a special reason why he will be on hand for this one. Ballmer was born in Farmington Hills, which is right next door to Troy. Ballmer will also be giving away $1 million in software grants to mark the occasion. If you live in the area there will be a free concert following the grand opening with singer Kelly Clarkson.

Do any of our readers live near Detroit? Do you plan on attending the event?

[via CBS Detroit]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I have never seen any images or videos of Ballmer in which he doesn’t look like a weirdo, a total meanie or scary. LOL.

  • LOL!!!! So true..

    They should have shopped his face atop Kelly Clarkson. Would probably look more normal xD

  • Corey0928

    Was planning on going to the opening and finishing off my cpk gift card since I usually work at 3 on Fridays but now I have to work at 10. So bummed. No bbq chicken pizza for me

  • Edgar Cervantes