Windows 8.1 adds shut down from Start Button and ability to disable hot corners


We’re just a few days out from the public release of the Windows 8.1 preview, but a few new features are still trickling out. The latest involves the returning Start Button and more flexibility with the Windows 8 gestures. These have been discovered in the final preview build on Windows Server 2012 R2. So what more can you expect in 8.1?

Now that Microsoft has brought back the Start Button they are adding more functionality to it. Right-clicking the button brings up a number of useful options, including the ability to shut down the PC. This will be particularly useful to those that don’t understand how to use the Charms menu. Especially since the Start Button has been home to Shut Down for many years.

Microsoft has also added the ability to disable hot corners. As it is the corners in Windows 8 all do something different. Top left shows the last app, top right shows the charms bar, bottom right shows semantic zoom, and the bottom left shows the desktop. This can be annoying to some users, so Microsoft is letting them disable it. Microsoft has shown they are listening to users, and we are loving these changes.

[via The Verge]

  • You know, I run a regular (non-touch) desktop with Windows 8, and at first the shut down issue was pretty annoying. I realize now though how easy it is for me to shut the PC off with the mouse from the charms on the right. It’s honestly pretty easy once you realize how to do it. I really feel a lot of the things people complained about with Windows 8 are not a big deal once you get used to them.. which is actually pretty similar to how Microsoft was going with the Xbox One – until they backpedaled.

  • I completely agree.

  • Was I the only one that loved the Start button? Lol