Flipboard shows off Windows 8 app in teaser video


Yesterday Microsoft announced a few new apps headed to Windows 8, one of those apps was Flipboard. If you’re unfamiliar with Flipboard it is a magazine-style news reader that was first made popular on iOS. People like it for the elegant design, simple interface, and beautiful animations. It’s much more than just another RSS reader. Flipboard allows users to essentially create their own personal magazine.

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement, the team at Flipboard has released a teaser video to show off what their Windows 8 app will look like. In the quick 9 second video we can see they will support the new large tile size in Windows 8.1. The big, beautiful tile will rotate through your top stories. The beauty contonues when the app opens and we big photos for every category. It’s looking like an awesome app. We can’t wait to use it!

Thanks Nik!

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