Hands-on with Windows 8.1 Preview on Microsoft Surface [Video]

Yesterday Microsoft officially made the Windows 8.1 preview available for Windows 8 and RT users. The free download adds a large number of new features, apps, and re-designs to Windows 8. Last night we braved through the long process and got the update up and running on our Surface RT.

The update process is indeed long. It took around two hours for the update to download, and then there was three or four more loading and set-up screens before we could actually use the PC. After that was finally all done we could begin exploring Windows 8.1.

As Microsoft said during their BUILD keynote, Windows 8.1 is about refining the OS. That is exactly how Windows 8.1 feels. Everything seems to make much more sense than it did before. Everywhere from organizing the Start Screen to the Setting organization just seems more “right.”

There is a lot more to love about Windows 8 after this update. From our early experience it seems that Microsoft has addressed almost every issue users have had with Windows 8. So far we haven’t found any reason why you wouldn’t want to get this update. Check out our hands-on video above to see more.

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