Official Mint for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps coming this winter

mint for windows phone

The missing app list is getting smaller and smaller, but one app that is still not available is Mint. Mint is a popular online personal finance service that helps users track their expenses, bills, income, and more. Windows Phone users have been begging Mint to create an app for years, and it appears we will finally get one, plus a Windows 8 app.

Mint posted the above photo on their Facebook page with the caption: “#Minters, we heard you loud & clear. Now it’s official: for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will be available this year, just in time for the holidays! Stay tuned for more details.” We know many of you have been impatiently waiting for an official Mint app. If they do release before the holidays we have around 6 months left to wait.

Do you use Mint? How excited are you?

[Facebook via Reddit]

  • Chris

    Literally the one app I’ve been waiting for… FINALLY! I don’t know if I can wait 6 more months though.