NewsSpot for Windows Phone update ditches Google Reader for NewsBlur


After today Google Reader will no longer be up and running. This has forced many of the apps that use Reader to find alternatives. The popular choice for many has been Feedly, but one popular Windows Phone app has decided to go another route.

NewsSpot has been updated to version 3.1, in this update they have added support for NewsBlur. Like Feedly, NewsBlur is a RSS feed reader service that has been around for a while. In the last few months it has gained popularity. To use NewsBlur in NewsSpot you will need an account. Set up is quick and easy, and then you can officially kiss Google Reader goodbye.

NewsSpot hopes to add more feed services, such as FeedBin, AOL Reader, and maybe Feedly, in the future. For now you can use NewsBlur to get your RSS fix. Download NewsSpot below for $1.99 or free trial.

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