Redbox and iHeartRadio arrive for Windows Phone 8

redbox 8

If you like official app announcements you should love having a Windows Phone right now. Today Microsoft has announced two new official apps arriving on Windows Phone 8: Redbox and iHeartRadio. Whether you like movies or music these apps have something for you.

Redbox is a popular movie renting business that you may have seen inside a Walmart. They have kiosks at many businesses across the country that rent out movies and video games. The Redbox app will help you find those locations, and even reserve copies until you pick them up. The app is free and available now.

iheartradio 8

iHeartRadio is not new to Windows Phone, but it is new to Windows Phone 8. The new app is completely redesigned and much nicer to use and look at. Some of the new features include recommended stations, sleep timer, lockscreen album art, bookmarking, and more. Note that the Windows Phone 8 iHeartRadio app is separate from the previous version. Download it for free here.

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