[Poll] What is more important: beautiful design or functionality?

metro poll

If you’re not a fan of the whole “flat” design movement there is one person to blame: Microsoft. They started it all in Windows Phone 7, and ever since that day the “Metro” design has invaded almost all aspects of the tech world. Unfortunately Windows Phone hasn’t been quite as popular as its own design.

The modern design of Windows Phone has now moved to Windows 8, the Xbox, and many other things under Microsoft’s umbrella. No one can dispute the beauty of Metro, but what about functionality? Does stripping down for a flat and modern design sacrifice some of the ¬†functionality? Windows Phone apps, like Facebook, have started to shy away from the old design and gone with less Metro-like designs to include more features. Is this the way to go?

We bring the question to you. What do you want in an app? A beautiful Metro design, or a full featured experience? Is it possible to achieve both? What are some examples? Vote in our poll below and sound off in the comments!


  • Why not both? :P I like the new look.

  • Pookiewood

    The best thing about the new one are the big high resolution images. The old version was just fine IMO.

  • I think you can do both, but it’s hard. In the case of the old Facebook app and Skype for Windows 8 they have much fewer features.

  • Form IS function. Good design IS function, and I *HATE* the new update. Bring back the Metro style! the Metro UI is what makes windowsphone the best designed OS out there! They better not start bailing on it! I want a phone with a consistent OS design!

  • Asok Asus

    Sigh. This is a poorly formed question actually. It’s like asking: “What’s best, an automobile that has an engine or one that has seats”? You need both in an automobile. And you need both good design and good functionality in a program, though good design without functionality is pointless, just like a car that has seats but no engine is pointless (excepting of course toy kiddie cars). On the other hand, good functionality without good design isn’t actually good functionality at all, because presumably the purpose of design is to make the functionality easier, quicker, more pleasing, and more intuitive to use, like a car that has an engine but no seats will go, but will be brutal to squat in to drive for long distances.