Microsoft removing Facebook and Flickr photo integration in Windows 8.1

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One of Microsoft’s big selling points for their new OS’ is the integrated social networks. Windows Phone and Windows 8 both have tight Facebook integration, but it looks like that may be ending in at least Windows 8. It has been discovered that Microsoft is removing Facebook and Flickr from the photos app in Windows 8. This means you will no longer be able to see photos from those services all in one place.

The reason for the removal was explained in Microsoft community forums by a spokesperson. He said that the feature was baked into Windows 8 to make up for the initial lack of app support. Since there are now several apps that can replicate the feature it is no longer needed. An official Facebook app for Windows 8 is coming soon that should offer a great way to view those photos, Flickr does not offer an official app.

Personally, I never really use the photo app in Windows 8. I view all my Facebook photos in he browser. Will you miss this integration?

[via The Verge]

  • CX1

    And SkyDrive. The app is useless now.