Mobile Roar Podcast #2: R.I.P. Google Reader, 1080p Windows Phone, iWatch, and more!


Welcome to the 4th of July edition of the Mobile Roar Podcast! We have a great show for you to listen to while you’re busy grilling up burgers and watching fireworks. In this our second podcast we were joined by Chris Chavez from Phandroid, Kevin Krause from iSource, and Edgar Cerventes from ChromeSpot and GTVSource,.

This week we had a lot of great topics to discuss. We started with our favorite Google Reader replacements, then the Moto X and custom smartphones, next was 1080p Windows Phones, the Apple iWatch, and much more. At the end of the podcast we round-up the best phones available right now. Enjoy the 4th of July, and give the Mobile Roar podcast a listen!


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