Nokia Lumia 928 has higher customer satisfaction than Galaxy S4 on Verizon

lumia 928 galaxy s4

In the past we have talked about how Windows Phone devices generally get great reviews and have high customer satisfaction. Just head to the top smartphones section on Amazon and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The surprising thing is how much higher the satisfaction is compared to users with popular smartphones on other platforms.

One perfect example of this is happening right now on Verizon. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 928 represent the best of Android and Windows Phone. On Verizon’s website they both have around the same amount of user reviews, however the Lumia 928 has much higher ratings. Despite being outclassed in almost every spec category users still enjoy the 928 more than the S4. Even the iPhone 5 has lower users ratings.

This is a testament to what Microsoft has been trying to do from day one. Big specs are nice, but in the end it’s about the user experience. If a huge processor isn’t going to make a difference to the end-user Microsoft isn’t going to waste time with it. Apple uses a similar approach with new features, and they also enjoy high customer satisfaction. If you want to be happy it’s time to switch.

Thanks Nik!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    The Lumia 928 is an awesome device, but I also feel like these results may be affected by the subcultures. Android fans tend to be very nitpicky about the smallest of details. They will downrate a phone for literally anything.

  • Timo Pitk√§ranta

    Are iPhone 5 fans very nitpicky as well or why Lumia 928 is #1?