Nokia EOS ‘Lumia 1020’ camera grip and battery case accessories leak


By the end of the week we will know everything about the Nokia EOS a.k.a. Lumia 1020. Until then we are still scrambling to learn everything we can before Nokia makes the device official. A new photo has leaked that shows off an interesting accessory for the beastly phone. The photo above is a battery pack case that can charge the phone on the go.

The battery pack case is cool because it doubles as a protective case for the phone. Instead of having a battery pack plugged in and dangling around this case just adds a little more bulk. It is still easily pocket-able, from what we can see. The next accessory is not pictured, but was mentioned in a document as a “camera grip.” The camera grip would work as a mount for tripods and have a built-in camera button. Since the EOS will have such a high-powered camera it only makes sense that Nokia would treat it as such with accessories.

If you pick up the Nokia EOS would you want accessories that would go with a digital camera, such as a tripod mount? What about the battery case?

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    1020 mAh battery? That is not very much…

  • but it’s not THE battery, it’s just a boost.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    OOOH I see! duh!