Spotify for Windows Phone 8 loses beta tag, adds track scrubbing


Spotify is one of the apps that was available on launch day for Windows Phone 7, but since then it has lagged behind other top apps in features. Spotify for Windows Phone 8 has been in beta since February, but today Microsoft has removed that tag and released a “big” update. This update adds some features that the app desperately needed.

In the previous version of Spotify it wasn’t possible to even scrub through tracks. After the update there is finally a little bar that you can slide through the track to fast forward or rewind. The big update also adds offline playlist improvements and more language support. This was a much-needed update for an app that was feeling very outdated. Spotify users can now enjoy a more feature full experience. Download Spotify for Windows Phone 8 below.

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Still sticking with Google Music…. Nice to see an option, though!

  • Mark Jackson

    It still doesn’t have the Radio feature or any apps which is kind of annoying. But I can use Pandora for that (although they only let you skip a certain # of songs per hour)