Nokia makes HERE Drive+ available on all Windows Phone 8 devices

Nokia HERE

One of the best things about owning a Nokia device is the great HERE location apps. People without Nokia phones are often jealous of these apps. In the past Nokia made HERE Drive available to non-Nokia users, but the better Drive+ was saved for Nokia owners. Today Nokia has updated these apps and made them available to everyone.

HERE Drive+ has been in beta for as long as we can remember. Today Nokia has finally moved it out of the beta stage and has made it available for all Windows Phone 8 users. The current HERE Drive app for all Windows Phone 8 devices will remain in the Store as a free option with regional navigation. Drive+ will have a global navigation upgrade for about $20. Both apps will soon be updated to add the ‘My Commute’ feature.

Drive+ will be available to all Windows Phone 8 devices in the coming days. We’re glad to see Nokia making their best apps available to everyone on the platform, and with Drive+ they may make a little money on the side too. We bet many users would be willing to pay to use Nokia’s apps. Would you?

[via Nokia]

  • Craig Avedisian

    It needs to have alternate routes and it needs to add the ability to speak one’s destination into the phone and/or use one’s contacts. These are substantial omissions, and as a former Android user, I miss having these two features (although I note that the spoken function in Android is frequently inaccurate and more difficult to use than just typing in the destination).

    On the plus side, the display blows Android out of the water for clarity which is obviously important when driving, and, other than the foregoing omissions, has superior functionality to Android.

  • Mike E. Delta

    Oh, so only the International/Global licenses for most handsets will require an upgrade price? Since both Drive and Drive+ have the My Commute feature…Splendid! =D