What if Jony Ive redesigned Windows Phone?


By now you’ve probably seen the iOS 7 redesign by Jony Ive. The reactions have been mixed, some adore it and others despise it. One thing is for certain: it’s different. The design has led to the creation of one of the funniest Tumblr blogs we’ve seen. Go to jonyiveredesignsthings.tumblr.com and you will not be disappointed.

This brings up the question that no one has asked: what would Windows Phone look like if Jony Ive redesigned it? The answer is the monstrosity seen above. I never thought Windows Phone could get more colorful, but this has proven me wrong. Gradients! Gradients everywhere! Nice work, Jony.

Remember, this is a joke. It’s not supposed to look good. From what we see in iOS 7 we’d bet Jony Ive wouldn’t change much in Windows Phone. If you like this sort of thing definitly check out the Tumblr blog, and while you’re on Tumblr give us a follow.

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  • Pat

    Huh. Kinda reminds me of Zune. Which makes me think it would have looked great. And make me miss Zune. :(

  • uncle_joe

    If Jony Ive redesigned Windows Phone it would look hideous just like iOS7. It would have all this scheomorphic crap. A lot of unneccesary chrome. It would be a design nightmare!!

  • Billscarnage

    Ive needs to stick to hardware design. Leave the OS/UX to people who know what they’re doing.