Windows 8 alternatives to the top desktop apps


Windows has been running applications before the word “app” meant anything to anyone. The list of applications that can run on Windows can be matched by no other platform. Microsoft risked their application supremacy on Windows 8 with the introduction of the Windows Store. Now Microsoft finds themselves severely lacking in the app race.

The good news is that almost all Windows 8 devices can still download the regular old desktop apps. You don’t have to use Windows Store apps unless you really want to. Windows RT users don’t have that luxury, which is a big reason why there aren’t many Windows RT users.

For those of you that do want to use Windows Store apps we have compiled a list of the top desktop Windows apps and their Windows Store alternatives. Finding a list of the top Windows applications was not easy. The list below is according to alternativeto and softpedia.


Official Dropbox app


Code Writer


uTorrent Client


Official Skype app


Official Evernote Touch app


Official TeamViewer Touch app




Included in every version of Windows 8 and RT.

Windows Live Messenger


As you can see by the small list, there aren’t a lot of Windows Store apps for top desktop apps. If you want to do things like use Photoshop (or even GIMP), Sony Vegas Movie Studio, Filezilla, or use a different browser you are plain out of luck. The Windows Store has a long way to go.

  • bawboh

    Wait, I have Windows 8 and I didn’t get Office with it. Neither on my desktop nor my Yoga 13.

  • Hmmm, maybe it’s just Microsoft Surface then.

  • CX1

    Included with RT only.

  • bawboh

    That sounds right. I know the Surface RT and Pro DO both come with it. But definitely not every install of Windows 8 has it. ;)

  • mrbigglesworff

    What about Pinterest? My mom wants an alternative to the web browser version -.-