Facebook, Skype, and WebApps for Windows Phone receive important updates

july app updates

It’s an update-a-palooza here lately, and that’s always a good thing. Good apps become great apps with regular updates and improvements. In the last couple of days three popular apps have received important updates. Those apps are Facebook Beta, Skype, and WebApps. Let’s look at the new features.

Facebook Beta

In version of Facebook Beta the ability to un-friend people and un-like pages has been added. No longer will you have to get out your computer to clear out friends lists or old interests. The update also addresses a bug that was making notification counts stick around longer than they should. Download Facebook Beta for free here.


The Skype app continues to get better with each update. In version 2.8 they have made some improvements to start and resume times, which will make users very happy. They also switched the live tile count back to the old style of showing number of unread conversations, rather than unread messages. Skype is available for free here.


WebApps is a very handy app that turns mobile apps into pinnable apps. The latest update of WebApps, version 1.4, takes this functionality to the next level with the addition of live tiles. Now not only can you pin your favorite mobile site, but it will also show recent content from that site right on the tile. WebApps is a very cool app, and it’s available for free here.

  • JSYOUNG571

    No updates for Windows Phone 7 customers. We have been feed to the dogs.